August 26, 2017

One of the main problems biblical scholars face with Revelation is deciding exactly what sort of interpretative theories should be used to understand the text. Many interpretative theories classify Revelation as a historical apocalypse. This means that certain biblical scholars maintain that Revelation is primarily a rep...

July 31, 2016

“Just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into water, the actions of individuals can have far-reaching effects.” – 14th Dalai Lama

The above quote by the enlightened 14th Dalai Lama has become our mantra here at One Small Stone. In this quote the Dalai Lama references what we at One Small Stone cal...

June 30, 2016

Most people believe that the Queen Ruler’s polar opposite, the virginal Bride of the Lamb in Rev. 21:9-22:7, is a symbolic figure for the “New Jerusalem.”[i] Within discussions of these two Queens, there are conflicting theories of interpretation. Granted, historical readings of Revelation recognize that both figures are...

June 29, 2016

I remember when I was in high school and I was at a best friend’s house. We were both about fourteen at the time and we both had recently come out to our family and friends. We were in her living room eating a traditional Ghana meal her mom had prepared. While eating her dad came in with a stern look on his face and says...

June 29, 2016

Are you tired of going broke because you are spending so much money on pads and/or tampons? Are you tired of being scared about TSS, worrying about the "diaper look" or just having dry cotton down there in general. Well lucky for you, below is an audio file all about a few Sustainable Menstrual Products such as Sea spong...

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One Small stone metaphyscial sessions and sustainable products welcome, NC


Healthy Relationships with Your Higher-Self

June 26, 2017

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