The Tweet Heard Round the World

In the 21st century, social studies is getting an upgrade. Its called social media. History of the few has now become history of the many. No longer will our recollections of the past be biased towards upper class white males; and it's all in thanks to a little something called social media. Every Twitter post, Facebook update, Youtube video uploaded is now a log entry in our communal digital history “textbook.” Only recently were our classroom textbooks updated to include the stories of minorities, like the African American experience. Even now, some schools and school districts fail to address these issues. After all, the reason that Black History Month was created was due to the fact that Black history is virtually ignored the other 11 months out of the year. However, thanks to the digital world of social media, history continues to be recorded in the form of primary and not secondary sources, which means history is being recorded directly at its source with decreased bias. For example, we can accurately recollect modern historical events, such as the Boston Marathon bombings of 2013, thanks in part to the many status updates and videos posted at the source. After all, isn’t the internet our first go to source for academic information. So, remember that next time you post a social media update, you are writing our historical legacy for a future generations.

(What Have We Learned: From these 6 tweets alone, a plethora of information is uncovered. From a perspective of a student, I now know that the Boston Marathon bombings occurred on April 15, 2013, that the president addressed American on the bombings at 6:10pm, and that an 8-year old was one of the casualties.)

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