Reiki 101 - Part 2

Is Reiki physical, mental, or emotional? First, everyone I have ever spoken to after a Reiki session describes what they physically feel in a different way. Some people feel warm or cool sensations that remind them of water flowing through their body. Others feel something they describe as soothing electric tingles. On one occasion, someone explained that it felt as if sparkling stardust was being transferred to their bodies. There are individuals who say they feel very little while the session is happening, but later experience a deep sense of tranquility and well-being. People with hyperactive and anxiety related disorders have said that Reiki sessions help them stay calm and focused mentally. Others have expressed that they felt emotionally rebalanced or could let go of inner child issues after Reiki therapy. Every individual is different and typically has their own unique physical, mental, and emotional responses to a Reiki session.

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