Live In the Moment

Why do we avoid the present moment; the only one that we can actually experience? Sure, you can visualize something that happened in the past and it may feel like you are re-experiencing it, but it no longer exists. You can envision your future, but, until it happens, it is just a fantasy. It is good to reflect on your past and set goals for your future; however, they cannot consume your thoughts. If you let them consume your thoughts, then you will not live to your full potential.

Some think that practicing mindfulness is done solely by seated meditation, yet I have met plenty of mindful individuals that have never practiced seated meditation in their life. Although it is a way to practice; Mindfulness is not about sitting cross-legged on the floor and letting your thoughts go while you focus on your breathing. It’s about being aware of where you are and what you are doing in that moment. You can learn so much about yourself while practicing mindfulness, and it only takes a couple of minutes.

Try this: next time you are taking a shower, do so mindfully. Recognize the water hitting and rolling down your skin. Do you notice how the water relaxes you? Observe the feeling of rubbing soap on your body, or in your hair. Be aware of your thoughts and how they wonder to the next task at hand, but bring them back to you in the shower. Get into the habit of being aware of how you feel in that one moment then move on to the next sensation you experience.

If you are more interested in a guided mindful meditation, here is a link to a quick 5 min video.

If this guided meditation is more appealing to you, then search Google for ones more to your liking. There are many guided meditations out there. Finding one that will help you focus instead of wander can be difficult. Here are some tips to keep in mind while searching:

  1. Voice - The speaker’s voice can make or break the guided meditation. Find one that soothes you so you can focus.

  2. Music – If the music is not to your liking, then it can be difficult to stay focused on the guider’s voice

  3. Time – There are videos/music files that range from 3 minutes to an hour. Start where you are comfortable.

This is an exercise for your mind to help you de-stress and learn more about yourself in the process. Do this on your terms. There is not a rulebook that goes with being mindful; you just have to practice being in the moment. The mind is a powerful tool we have all been given. Be aware of how you use it.




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