Ripple Review

One Small Stone has been busy this month. We hosted our second Reiki Circle at North Star LGBT Community Center this month. We are grateful to North Star for allowing us to use their space. As Reiki practitioners, we are thrilled to be able to offer the community Reiki. At our last Reiki circle, we had a few newcomers and several returning (clients/consumers). Those who returned stated they had favorable experiences the first time and came back seeking a similar experience. They were thrilled we had another Reiki circle. Many of these individuals experienced Reiki for the first time at our first Reiki circle. We hope to continue to host Reiki circles at North Star in the future.

One small stone Reiki practitioners have been busy conducting Reiki session and increasing our clientele. Clients have reported euphoric like experiences after a Reiki session. They have reported seeing a variety of vivid colors. During Reiki sessions, some individuals have felt warm sensations while other experience cold sensations. Each client's experience is unique to them. We are currently offering 50% off on our Reiki sessions. To learn more about our Reiki practitioners visit our website.




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