Distance Energy Healing for Spaces and Places

June 14, 2017


Much like Reiki, the energy used for clearing spaces and places is not subject to the confines of space and time. One Small Stone practitioners who facilitate clearing and protection sessions for homes and spaces are practiced in carefully addressing issues with lower vibrational energies and entities. 

There are typically three broad categories of energy healings that can benefit spaces and places. First, there are sessions that clear negative energy build –up caused by things like reoccurring negative human behavior, electromagnetic fields, and traumatic or stressful life situations. Second, there are sessions intended to heal spaces and places by removing lower vibrational entities and sending them home to Source. The third type of energy session is for those who feel like it is time to elevate the energies surrounding the home or space or wish to have a protective bubble placed around a specific location. Sometimes, a space may need one, two, or all three types of energy healings. 

We currently offer the following Distance Energy Healings for Spaces and Places:

•    30 min. Session (one type of energy healing) with a 15 min. audio file of the guidance received for you– $25
•    60 min. Session (two or three types of energy healing) with a 30 min. audio file of the guidance received for you – $50 


One Small Stone also offers a program for reduced rates and trade based payment systems. If you would like more information, please contact us at: info@onesmallstone.org 


If you would like to purchase an Energy Healing Session for a place or space now: click here

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