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June 12, 2016




Shine On is a crystal elixir and herbal tincture created to enhance and amplify alignment with Source energy. When one is aligned with Source energy, synchronistic or "miraculous" events occur. This elixir is beneficial for those who wish to transmute knowledge learned from life experiences into golden opportunities for growth and abundance. Gold is commonly recognized as the "Master Healer" stone and the ultimate form of alchemical achievement. Peppermint promotes abundance and well-being. The Latin name for Lady's Mantle, Alchemilla mollis, is based on the long-standing tradition that links lady's mantle to alchemical practices.


Shine On contains: 


Gold Infused Spring Water (Indirect Method)

Chakra/s: Heart, Third Eye, Crown


Metaphysical Qualities: facilitates interaction with Source energy; promotes spiritual development; enhances and amplifies the qualities of other stones and crystals; commonly recognized as the “Master Healer” and symbolic of the alchemists’ highest level of achievement


Emotional Assistance: enhances the ability to gain knowledge from traumatic life experiences and transmute to positive growth; eliminates ego-based self conflict; stabilizes emotional energy

Physical Manifestations: attracts wealth and financial security; amplifies positive energy; assists those who wish to gather knowledge 


Peppermint Infused Apple Brandy
Metaphysical Properties: helps soothe nervous stomachs; promotes over-all well-being; expels negative entities; increases physical security and abundance; clears the conscious and the mind


Lady’s Mantle Infused Apple Brandy
Metaphysical Properties: may ease menstrual issues; named for its usage in alchemy and highly regarded among the alchemical community; helps promote deep feelings of inner peace; attracts love; increases connection to the divine feminine; heightens metaphysical properties of other elements


All One Small Stone elixirs are made in cooperation with the moon's cycles. Our spring water comes from a deep underground source and is packaged in glass bottles (so there is no plastic residue). The elixirs are placed within a selenite grid, charged with Reiki energy, and exposed to 528 Hz music that plays 24/7. We use organic and/or local ingredients whenever possible to ensure the highest possible quality product. 


Please Note:
*This product has NOT been evaluated by the FDA and is NOT intended to treat, cure, or prevent medical conditions. 
*Consult your licensed health practitioner prior to use
*Do not use if you are pregnant, nursing, have allergies to the plant used, or are currently taking medications (as there may be and adverse reaction) 
*The user assumes all risks involved when consuming this product
*This is an energy-infused product. Results may vary based on the individual


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