Archontic and Etheric Implant Systems

June 18, 2017


Archontic Implants 


Most people who practice various types of energy work agree that it is possible for non-physical implants to be placed in and removed from the energy field that surrounds every living human body. A concept that has emerged within the past decade is that the energy fields of the majority of humans on Earth have a system of energetic implants designed to stimulate fear-based thoughts and emotions. These specific implant systems collect energy created by fear-based thoughts and emotions and send it to the group (Archons) who created the systems as a way to harvest “food," or energy. 



It is estimated that the majority of the population is living with a form of Archontic implants. Some individuals have intentionally made efforts to remove or deactivate their implant systems. The implant systems of others were removed via near death experiences, as the implants ceased to exist when the person “died.” There are a rare few individuals who were never implanted in this incarnation. Often, these individuals are either ancient Earth souls with powerful guardians or angelic beings that prevented their implantation. Others have Archontic implants in their etheric bodies, but they have been neutralized in some way. However, it is far more common for individuals to have implants than not.



If you have not knowingly asked for them to be removed, there is good chance that you have them.

If you are comfortable connecting with your higher self and asking for guidance, then this is the first place to start! But, Archontic implants are designed to both prevent individuals from living a heart centered life and reduce a person's natural psychic abilities. These implants are known to create difficulty in receiving clear guidance from one’s higher self by over stimulating the left brain. If you find yourself feeling anxious or doubtful of the idea that you could have Archontic implants, then remember that the implants could be causing these fear-based emotions. On the other hand, if you have a calm sense of knowing about the absence of Archontic implants in your bodies, then trust your own instincts.


Etheric Implants 


There are many different types of etheric implants that are not Archontic. Here are some of the most common: 


  • Self-Placed Implants -- Sometimes people have traumatic or intense past or present life experiences which motivate them to place implants in their own energetic body. For example, someone who decided not to have children in a past life may have placed implants on their reproductive (energetic) systems. 

  • Implants from a Psychic Attack -- A psychic attack is when either a person and/or entity attempts to harm, or manifest harm for someone. Often, the psychic attack leaves an etheric implant in the person who was harmed.  

  • Implants from Etheric Cords -- There are people who thrive on taking energy from others. When these individuals attach an etheric cord to someone, there is most often an implant that connects the cord to the person they are siphoning energy from. You can read more about etheric cords here.  

Frequently Asked Questions about Implants


Question: How does one first receive implants and how does one ensure not to receive anymore?


Answer: The Archontic implants are put into the etheric body prior to entering Earth's incarnation system. Having the implants is a part of the "contract" most souls have to agree to before they incarnate here. As a soul, you give your free will consent to have the implants before you team up w/ the human awareness part of you. The human awareness comes into being when you are born. Once your human awareness authorizes the removal of the implants, the jig is up so to speak. They can't re-implant you without your consent. It would be a violation of the free will agreement.


Question: Why are Archontic implants part of the contract for incarnating here (on Earth)?


Answer: I would say that, at this present time,Archontic implants were a part of the incarnation contract for Earth. But, why has the implantation process been allowed to happen? The only answer I have ever gotten is simple: it had never been done before. When we think about eternal beings, well, there's not much that has never been done. It was to see if humans could break free from something tampering with their awakening. They can because people who have these implant systems are awakening everyday, regardless of their presence.



If you do not feel comfortable scanning yourself for implants or facilitating their removal, there are energy workers who can assist you with the identification and removal processes. When it comes to energy workers, it is important to find someone who resonates with you personally. Look for common ideals and synchronicities. Ultimately, you should trust your feelings and connect with someone who can work with your personal vibrational level. Click here to learn more about Multi-Dimensional energy work offered by One Small Stone. 


If you would like to read more about Archontic implants from the perspective of a different, trusted light worker, here is an article from Clay Hut Healing: click here.


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