Healthy Relationships with Your Higher-Self

Many metaphysical teachings focus on the important role the pineal gland and Third Eye chakra play in forming a connection with the higher-self. While this teaching is grounded in truth, activation of your pineal gland and corresponding Third Eye chakra should be a side-effect of strengthening the connection between your human awareness and higher-self. There are a few blogs out there detailing negative experiences people have had with opening the Third Eye chakra or activating the pineal gland. Typically, when individuals have fear-based responses to these processes, it is due to the fact that they attempted to “force” the experience by means of drugs, specific meditations or breath work, or even intent focused solely on a Third Eye awakening or pineal gland activation. Negative experiences with Third Eye awakening or pineal gland activation occurs when people acting on fear-based reactions of their human awareness attempt these processes without first forming a clear, strong, loving relationship with their higher-self.

Seat of the Soul - Third Eye or Heart?

Traditionally, the pineal gland is recognized as the “Seat of the Soul.” If connecting with and activating this energy center is not the safest and most effective way to form a connection with one’s higher-self, then what is? For the answer, we must direct our attention to the Heart chakra. The Heart is actually the “Seat of the Soul.” There are several layers within the Heart chakra that one can connect with. First, there is the outer awareness of the Heart space. Next is the small space where your human awareness can go to begin connecting with your higher-self. Finally, within the innermost layer of the Heart is the tiny space. The tiny space is accessible through a relationship between your human awareness and your higher-self. In the small and tiny spaces of the Heart, ego- and fear-based thoughts and emotions do not exist. Third Eye awakenings or pineal gland activations that are a result of a Heart-based connection with your higher-self do not have the negative side effects that other paths may have.

How to Form a Healthy Relationship with Your Higher-Self

While the above concepts seem fairly straightforward, discussing them does not really give you any practical advice on how to help your individual human awareness develop a healthy relationship with your higher-self. It is possible to live a completely Heart-centered existence free from fear- or ego-based thoughts and emotional reactions. To do this, our human awareness must be willing to engage in an open, honest, loving relationship with our higher-self.

So how you form a relationship with your higher-self? The best way to start this process is by simply stating your intent. By saying, "I would like to work on a relationship with my higher-self," you let your higher-self know that your human awareness is ready to start connecting. Next, spend some time in meditation every day with the intent of connecting to your higher-self. Remember that "prayer" is actively asking to receive while "meditation" is quieting the mind so that you are open to receiving insight. The insight you receive is delivered through a connection with your higher-self.

Your human awareness may resist some of the things your higher-self has to say. This is normal! There have been many times in my personal journey when my human awareness has asked my higher-self, "Excuse me, you want me to do WHAT?" What is important is that you take the time to honestly reflect on the possibility that your reaction comes from a fear-based thought/emotion pattern. Then, remember to be grateful for the guidance your higher-self offers, even if the guidance is hard to accept.

Ideally, the above process should be all the advice you need to develop a better relationship with your higher-self. The guru you seek lives within (your higher-self)! However, in reality, sometimes there are things, like etheric implants, that interfere with a person's ability to interact with or connect with their higher-self. Other times people would like more specific, individual guidance for this process. Here is where multi-dimensional energy work can help.

Each multi-dimensional session I facilitate is different because the entire session is based on a combination of things your human awareness would like to receive guidance about from your higher-self. In most cases, your human awareness and physical body exist in 3D and 4D; your higher-self exists in 5D-12D. However, in our 12D forms, we exist as ONE (i.e. Source or All That Is). During Multi-Dimensional sessions, I function as a messenger between your human awareness and your higher-self to provide you with information to assist with the strengthening of their relationship.

You can learn more about Multi-Dimensional energy work here




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