Karmic Residue & Recovery from Past-Life and Present Incarnation Experiences

June 19, 2017


Almost all human bodies house both a human awareness and an eternal soul that exist together in multiple dimensions at the same time. The human part of our self has one incarnation. For example, imagine you are Jane Doe in this lifetime, born on a specific day and time, in a certain location, into a certain family. Jane Doe, as she exists under these specific conditions, will experience only one incarnation. However, the soul part of our self (sometimes called a higher self) is eternal and has had many incarnations.



When people speak of “past-lives” they are referencing previous incarnations of the soul. When a soul decides to spend an incarnation (life-time) as a human on Earth, it partners with a human conscious that is an energetic result of the brain-body complex. Here is where things get interesting and complicated because we enter a conversation about the point of human existence. In short, the goal of a human incarnation is to fully integrate the human awareness with the higher self.



As simple as this sounds, it is actually one of the most difficult things a soul can accomplish. Our human self is prone to reacting to life experiences from the perspective of a fear-based reality. When the human self has extremely strong fear-based reactions to external stimuli, the energy created can be described as karmic residue. If a soul is carrying karmic residue, it is typically either a result of past or present traumatic life experiences. Clearing karmic residue can help you to release conscious and subconscious patterns that may be influencing your present incarnation. Sometimes your higher self will want to make you aware of traumatic past life experiences in multi-dimensional sessions so that you can release and heal from these experiences.


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September 2, 2017

June 25, 2017

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