Motivational Mojo Elixir

June 12, 2016


Motivational Mojo is a crystal elixir and an herbal tincture combination designed to give the extra get-up-and-go, focus, and creativity necessary to accomplish any task or project. Citrine and Banded Fire Agate assist with manifestation, motivation, and creativity. Vanilla enhances mental abilities and increases energy levels. Peppermint clears the mind to improve focus for tasks and projects. 

Citrine Infused Spring Water (Indirect Method)
Chakra/s: Solar Plexus 

Metaphysical Qualities: energizes; enables one to manifest dreams into reality; transmutes lower vibrational energy and blockages; brings abundance; an excellent protective crystal for those who are sensitive to energetic presences  

Emotional Assistance: clears the clutter of the mind; replaces negative patterns with positive and proactive thoughts; promotes inspiration and creativity; opens one to receiving and attracting love, happiness, and success  

Physical Manifestations: the “go to” physical manifestation crystal; inspires action and creativity; assists with achieving and maintaining security in terms of physical needs 

Banded Fire Agate Infused Spring Water (Indirect Method) 
Chakra/s: Sacral, Root

Metaphysical Properties: symbolic of alchemical fire; strong grounding energy; assists with releasing fears

Emotional Assistance: stabilizes emotions and strengthens self-confidence; promotes finding joy in everyday life; inspires creativity; freedom of expression and stimulates the desire to complete projects; promotes spiritual fortitude

Physical Manifestations: encourages integrity; manifests a vibrant energy field; inspires the desire to find or re-align with one’s life purpose; can eliminate “writer’s block”; assists with achievement of goals; prevents energy burn-out

Vanilla Infused Apple Brandy
Metaphysical Properties: can calm and soothe the spirit; attracts luck and good fortune; enhances energy and mental abilities; attracts love; increases sensuality; promotes peaceful existence; lifts emotional spirits and can relieve stress and anxiety 

Peppermint Infused Apple Brandy
Metaphysical Properties: helps soothe nervous stomachs; promotes over-all well-being; expels negative entities; increases physical security and abundance; clears the conscious and the mind

All One Small Stone elixirs are made in cooperation with the moon's cycles. Our spring water comes from a deep underground source and is packaged in glass bottles (so there is no plastic residue). The elixirs are placed within a selenite grid, charged with Reiki energy, and exposed to 528 hz music that plays 24/7. We use organic and/or local ingredients whenever possible to ensure the highest possible quality product. 

Please Note:
*This product has NOT been evaluated by the FDA and is NOT intended to treat, cure, or prevent medical conditions. 
*Consult your licensed health practitioner prior to use
*Do not use if you are pregnant, nursing, have allergies to the plant used, or are currently taking medications (as there may be and adverse reaction) 
*The user assumes all risks involved when consuming this product
*This is an energy-infused product. Results may vary based on the individual


Click here if you would like to purchase Motivational Mojo. 



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