One Small Stone Gratitude Program

One Small Stone would like to express our gratitude for your generous support of our company. We feel that your contributions to our success should be rewarded. The first time you receive one of the services listed below, you will automatically be enrolled in the One Small Stone Gratitude Program. We track your sessions and purchases for you. Each time you purchase or receive a session credit, we will send you an email letting you know how many credits you’ve accumulated.

After you have 10 session credits, One Small Stone will send you a complementary gift from our crystal elixir collection. You can choose any elixir from our collection listed here.

You will be given credit for one session when you:

1. Purchase any of the services listed below

  • Multi-Dimensional Sessions

  • Group Sessions

  • Reiki Sessions (in-person and distance)

  • Energy Healing for Spaces and Places

  • Tarot Sessions (excludes 3 Card sessions)

  • Astrological Interpretations

2. Refer a friend who purchases any of the above services from One Small Stone for the first time. Make sure your friend mentions that you referred them so we can give you credit for the session. Your friend will also receive credit for their session and be automatically enrolled in our gratitude program. If two people refer the same person, then the first –time client can decide which one person will receive the referral credit.

3. Purchase a service listed above, or a $25 or more gift certificate, as a gift for someone else. You and the person you purchase the gift for will both receive credit for the session. If the person receiving the gift is a first-time client, they will automatically be enrolled in our gratitude program.




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