Multi-Dimensional Energy Work

June 20, 2017


Here, multi-dimensional is a term used to describe the concept that each physical body houses both a human awareness and an eternal soul (higher-self) that exist in multiple dimensions (or densities) at the same time. What is fascinating is that recent studies have indicated that some human brains are capable of interacting with as many as eleven dimensions (read more). Multi-dimensional sessions are a form of distance energy work that begins when someone like a Reiki practitioner connects with your higher-self that exists within and beyond multiple dimensions where we are all One. From there, your higher-self determines the rest of the interaction. 


Every multi-dimensional session is different because each human/soul being has unique needs that may span 2-11 dimensional existences. The entire session revolves around interests and concerns your human awareness would like to receive guidance about from your higher-self and information your higher-self would like to give your human awareness. In most cases, your human awareness and physical body exist in 3D and 4D; your higher-self exists in 5D-12D. However, in our 12D forms, we exist as ONE (i.e. Source or All That Is).


Multi-dimensional sessions provide an opportunity for you to receive mediation between your human awareness and your higher-self. You can approach the session from several ways. Some people like to mention one or two areas of interest and leave the rest of the session entirely up to their higher-self. Others like to provide a more detailed list of specific interests and concerns prior to their session. How you approach the session is entirely up to you!  


Click on the links below to learn more about examples of assistance available through multi-dimensional sessions.


Removal of Archontic and Etheric Implant Systems


Clearing Karmic Residue


Recovery from Traumatic Past-life and Present Incarnation Experiences


Chakra clearing and Realignment


Etheric Cord Cutting


Healthy Relationships with Your Higher-Self


Receiving Multi-Dimensional Guidance


Identification and Refinement of Spiritual Gifts and Abilities


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